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CheckIns.app now allows patients to immediately rate their urgent care experience through a five-star rating scale.


Through our unique design, staff can resolve issues promptly and build your brand’s online reputation through our five-star scale design.


At checkout, a patient is prompted to rate their visit on a five-star scale. Below the rating, a text box appears and patients have the opportunity to immediately provide feedback about their urgent care experience.


When a patient rates the experience positively with 4-5 stars, an additional prompt allows the patient to directly share their review on Google and help build the reputation of the care center.


If the patient rates the experience with only 1-2 stars, immediately the CheckIns.app system notifies your onsite staff of the low rating while the client is still in the urgent care center. Staff can immediately speak with the patient face to face to resolve the situation before the patient leaves your care center. This additional notification feature for 1-2 star ratings is designed to help reduce negative ratings and improve your overall client experience.


This feature is available immediately with all CheckIns.app accounts.

Patient Flow Diagnosed and Delivered

CheckIns.app supports the full patient flow process from the Check In, through Room Management, and the Check Out process while integration with your EMR system. Take a Tour... we would love to show you how it works.