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Auto-Populate Patient Check-In from EMR - Save time in typing new patient information into the system by auto-select and auto-population based on first and last name of the check-in form. With EMR integration saving time adding patients.
Patient Notes - Provide Patient Notes that allow Physicians and Staff view additional information about patients condition. Helps to have everyone informed to ensure supportive patient care.
Physician Room View - Allows Physicians and Coordinators to review current patients in rooms in one room board. Full management with patient details view, notes check out and more.
Custom Notifications SMS - Allow patients to leave with custom notifications allowing them to return when their room is available.

Patient Flow Diagnosed and Delivered

CheckIns.app supports the full patient flow process from the Check In, through Room Management, and the Check Out process while integration with your EMR system. Take a Tour... we would love to show you how it works.